1. Do you sell masks? What kind of masks are they?
    We carry KN95 masks which have been approved by both the FDA and CDC as suitable replacements for the N95 mask. We are now also carrying cloth fashion masks for both adults and children.

  2. Will you ship?
    We are unable to ship products at this time.

  3. What are your store hours?
    We are still operating at normal store hours at this moment. You can view our store hours on our website by visiting

  4. What additional safety measures have you implemented in-store for employees?
    We require all employees to wear face masks while interacting with customers and other employees. We have also installed shields at all registers to help maintain social distancing between our cashiers and customers. Along with the shields we have placed stickers in checkout lines to help keep customers at least 6 feet apart while waiting to checkout. At all entrances, sanitizing stations are available for customers.

  5. Do you require customers to wear masks?
    We highly encourage our customers to wear a mask while shopping with us in order to practice good social distancing. However, our store locations adhere to federal, state, county or city laws that have been put in place. Due to this, our requirements for our customers may vary by location. Please refer to local laws and ordinances in the state, county or city in which you shop with us. As always, please feel free to contact the store with any questions!

  6. Do you provide curbside service?
    We are always happy to bring essential items to your car if you call ahead and let us know.