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When you find yourself craving a little somethin’-somethin’, there’s no better place to shop than Family Center Farm & Home. Your Family Center Farm & Home carries more than your convenience store candy. From classic licorice in tons of flavors, to classics like Boston Baked Beans and Circus and of course the movie theater favorites, you won’t be able to walk past without drooling or at least reminiscing. FC Farm & Home carries jams, jellies, jerky, refreshing craft sodas, flavored cheese curds, salty snacks, all things pickled and more – sure to curb your cravings.

Your FC Farm & Home Buyers take pride in purchasing the best of the best from trusted vendors that bring their A-game, including Amish Wedding and Iowa Smokehouse. Quench your thirst and curiosity with Melba’s Fixins dessert craft sodas and Lester’s Fixins food flavored sodas, along with classic flavors you love. Whether you’re looking for some spicy beef jerky to snack on in your truck, some peach salsa or jalapeno jelly to take to your next picnic, or just a great selection of your favorite bulk candies, you’ll find it in the aisles of your local Family Center Farm & Home!